Project Details

What is this project?

In this project we are mainly using flay way technology. In this technology we are not using any cables, DTH dish or any other means and this technology is purely wireless. We are using only a set top box for this technology and using this set top box you can view 26 bother channels and 54 regional channels and many other channels. Totally you can view about 385channels at just Rs 100/- as rent per month through this flay way technology.

What is Flay way technology?

There are mainly three aspects of this technology.

  • One of this is based on WI-FI technology. This can catch range from 20 to 200 feet.
  • Another one is White-fi technology introduced by Microsoft Company. This can range from about 2km to 5km.
  • Similarly there is another one technology called Flay way technology which can catch range from 2km to 10km. This technology we are using in this project.
What are the specialties of AirNet set top box?
  1. Weekly one movie can be seen through AirNet wireless channel and monthly 4 movies can be seen for a rent of Rs. 200 per month(based on terms and conditions).All the Fridays new movie is released when the movie is released in the theatre same day itself we can watch the movie from noon show onwards. The same movie can be watched till next Thursday and when another new movie is released on Friday that movie can be watched. If the customer is availing annual package then the customer can view the movie for just Rs 35.
  2. Without out using any dish or cable facilities the customer can view about 385 channels in H.D quality.
  3. Customer can also use internet facility through AirNet wireless connection. As per the requirements the customer can select different plans from Rs 99 to Rs 2999. Usually for any internet connection from a dealer the customer should have computer facility. But in this technology set top box itself acts as a mini computer. By just connecting a keyboard and mouse to the set top box you can convert the T.V into a computer.
  4. Nearly 2000 games can be used freely using this technology.
  5. All government and non government office details, phone numbers and mail ids can be obtained through this facility.
  6. Matrimonial court: Helps to find the matching partner by just providing your star details.
  7. Employment port: All types of government and non government jobs can be viewed.
How it will reach the customers?

It can be done mainly on 2 basis.

  1. Set top box will be issued to the customers through proper channel.
  2. Each mandalam will have an AirNet Customer service centre which will help the customers to attain this facility.
How the Set top box will reach the Agencies?
  1. Each ward coming under each panchayat will be provided 100 set top box.
  2. Each mandalam should be able to stock about 1000 set top box and that facility should be maintained in the legislative office.
  3. Each agency under a mandalam can also start sub agencies and these sub agencies should be able to stock about 400 set top boxes.
  4. The rate of each set top box is 100 Rs. and tax. We are also procuring Rs. 500 as installation charge. So the customer has to just pay Rs 614 only. The mandalam agency has to pay Rs 539 to the office.
Agency Norms (mandalam agency)
  1. To obtain a mandalam agency, the dealer has to obtain a office of 10x10fett room in the centre of the mandalam . The room should have A/C and a 5K.V U.P.S. The company will fix a server unit spending 30 lakhs. The air net server box will work in 10 km around this server. If this set top box is far than 10 km, then using a connector range will be managed.
  2. The dealer who is adopting mandalam office should pay Rs.10, 000 as license fee.
  3. The dealer of mandalam agency should pay cash for 1000 set top box and avail it (set top box will be obtained only within 30 days after the cash is remitted).
Norms for sub agency
  1. Agency will be given on the basis of each panchayat under one mandalam, 5 wards under one municipality and 2wards under one corporation. Sub agencies will be obtained on the below given basis.
  2. Sub agencies should pay Rs.1000 as license fee.
  3. Sub agencies should buy 400 set top in ready cash and stock them (set top box will be obtained only within 30 days after the cash is remitted).
Commission provided to the agency
  1. Mandalam agency dealer will obtain 30% commission for the internet facility and new release movie as per the customers’ requirements. If the mandalam agency is having sub-agency then the sub -agency will get 20% from this 30% as commission).
  2. Sub-agency will get 20% commission from the payment obtained by the customers for using internet facility and new movie release. If the sub agency has sub dealers, then the sub agency should pay 20% from this commission to the sub dealers.

The above furnished is the detailed description about Thanina AirNet wireless channel. From 27th March 2015 onwards new release movie can be watched through AirNet channel. From May 2015 onwards we will start internet distribution and from June, July we will also start wireless network launching.