Fly Way

Fly-way is a term being used to describe the use of a Wi-Fi technology within the TV unused spectrum, or TV white space. The IEEE 802.11af working group has been set up to define a standard to implement this.
When using systems like Fly-way technology, that use TV white space, the overall system must not cause interference to the primary users. With processing technology developing further, this is now becoming more of a possibility.

Fly-way concept

The basic concept behind Fly-way technologyis that broadcast television coverage has to be organised so that space is left between the coverage area of different transmitters using the same channels so that interference does not occur.
Sufficient space has to be left so that even when tropospheric propagation conditions increase the distances over which signals can be received, interference does not normally occur. This means that there are significant areas where these channels are unused and this leads to very poor spectrum use efficiency.

With Wi-Fi applications only requiring low power, it is possible to use this unused spectrum between the coverage areas without the fear of interference being caused within the television transmitter coverage area.

Benefits of Fly-way

There are many benefits for a system such as fly-way from using TV white space. While the exact nature of the system has not been fully defined, it is still possible to see many of the benefits that can be gained from Fly-way technology:
Looking at these benefits, it is believed that the Fly-way system offers sufficient advantages to enable development to be undertaken. In order for Fly-way to be able to operate, it is necessary to ensure that the system does not create any undue interference with existing television transmissions.